Modern Life Is Rough On Men BUT Best Prohormones Can Help

According to a US study, testosterone levels in American men dropped by 22% between 1980 and 2000. Testosterone in men has been on the decline for decades. Actually, testosterone level drops, as a man gets older. However, what is shocking about the present day generation is that today’s man has less testosterone than a man of his age who lived decades ago.

The sperm count of modern men is half that of men who lived in the 50s. In the US, sperm quality is dropping by 1.5% every year. It seems the male species is under threat. There is growing evidence that the percentage of babies being born male is declining.

Lubricants, plastics, pesticides and other undesirable chemicals are to blame for dropping testosterone levels. Modern day conditions are affecting natural testosterone production. However, it is not all bleak for men. Prohormones will help. These compounds are precursors of testosterone. They will stimulate the production of testosterone. Pro hormones will amplify the effects of testosterone.

Testosterone under Assault
Surely, testosterone is under assault and it is high time to act using pro hormone. Remember, testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It gives a man masculine characteristics include beards, deep voice, libido, strength and muscular body.

Because of testosterone problems, most boys are having problems transitioning to adulthood. It used to be that once a boy hits 16 years, most signs of masculinity would already have developed. Nowadays, someone can reach 20 years even without body hair and a deep voice.

When nature fails, science intervenes. Over the course of human existence, men have created for themselves many problems. Most diseases are the result of the careless of men. Look at cancer for example.

Once man abandoned natural diet and choose a sedentary lifestyle, he opened a floodgate of illnesses, diseases, and complications. The environment is partly to blame for the testosterone issue. However, lack of exercises and eating unhealthy foods have a role to play.

Yes, the testosterone issue is very bad but it has not gotten out of hand. Luckily, because of the invention of best prohormone, modern men can enjoy high levels of testosterone, as was the case with ancient men.

Supplements, steroids, and prohormones for sale like – prohormones have been very helpful in addressing most manmade problems. They are not only intervening in the areas of sexual health and bodybuilding but also in treating diseases. Studies are undergoing to unravel more medical uses of prohormone.

Disappearing Masculinity
Men used to be more masculine. They were ready to fight back. Men used to have a certain masculine swagger that made women blush.

In the past, men were hefty, bulky and with well-defined abs. Unfortunately, the scenario is changing. Few men are having muscular bodies naturally. Many men are struggling at the gym just to build muscles.

In the past, people did not go to the gym. They had good genes, their diets were rich, and they were constantly engaging their muscles in work. These aspects made them naturally strong and muscular.

Nowadays, people spend too much time behind the computer while at work. When not working, most people watch TV while sitting on a couch. All these are contributing to a host of lifestyle diseases including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. They are also causing the disappearance of masculinity and making men to be weak.

You can do very little to change the course of modern life. You will need to work behind a computer, play video games, and watch TV. However, you can take several steps to safeguard your testosterone, preserve your health, and extend your life. First, never sit down for more than 1 hour. For every 60 minutes of sitting, stand up and stretch yourself for five minutes. Secondly, adopt a healthy diet. You are what you eat. You cannot expect your body to serve you well when you feed it with trash. Thirdly, exercise on a regular basis. You should never underestimate the importance of exercises. Finally, if you are a man, think about using best prohormones. You will be surprised at how these elements will improve your body.

Contrary to popular belief, prohormone supplements are not the preserve of athletes who want to cheat in Olympics. Many upward mobile individuals in top careers usually buy prohormones. The number one motivation why most men purchase best prohormones on the market is to facilitate cosmetic improvements of their bodies.

Androgen/Estrogen Ratio
Make sure that you have normal androgen/estrogen ratio. If that is not the case, you need to start to plan on how to build the best steroid stack review. Using a single prohormone will not help you much. You need to stack. You will find ideas online about creating best prohormone stacks like on

The ideal ratio of androgen to estrogen in healthy men is 4:1. If your androgens are four, your estrogen should be one. Most men have an unbalanced state of these two hormones. Their ratio is 2:1. This is a sign of a deep-seated problem. With such an imbalance, the level of estrogen is close to that of androgen and it can reach a time when estrogen can surpass androgen or be equal to it. This will lead to the development of female characteristics such as growth of breast tissue.

With the ratio of 4:1, it is easy for a man to lose weight and build muscles. When there is an imbalance, you will start accumulating fat in stomach, buttocks, chest, and hips. Imbalanced state can also lead to sickness and the development of prostate cancer. You need to arrest the situation before it is too late. You should research on how to build a prohormone stack that will boost your testosterone level and subsequently increase your androgen. Stacking is part art and part science. By checking out examples of prohormones stacks – created by the pros, you will get ideas of how to proceed with the whole affair.

The King of Prohormones: Prohormone 1-AD
The first prohormone was created in 1996 by a US chemist, Patrick Arnold. In the earlier years, legal prohormones were not that powerful. However, with the progression of time, the technology was improved. Presently, the strongest prohormone on earth is the prohormone 1-AD. You can easily buy prohormones online.

Prohormone 1-AD is very potent. You need it for rapid and effective muscle building. 1-AD conversion produces 1-testosterone hormone. This compound is up to seven times more anabolic than standard testosterone. This perfect androgen boost will offset chemical estrogens in your body.

1-testosterone is powerful. According to studies, men who take prohormone 1-AD gain muscle mass of 101lb and reduce fat by 4lbs. These significant gains will help to restore the normal androgen/estrogen ratio.

No matter how powerful a prohormone is, you should not use it alone. To maximize benefits and minimize risks, you should stack supplements. Top prohormone stack ideas will enlighten you on the concept of stacking.

Some scientists are of the opinion that pro hormone 1-AD is qualitatively similar to the illegal steroid Trenbolone Acetate. Trenbolone is the most anabolic steroid in the world with an anabolic rating five times that of testosterone. The effectiveness of 1-AD is comparable to that of many steroids including Tren, Primobolan, and Winstrol among others.

Before pro hormone 1-AD was launched, there were other pro hormones in the market including androstenediol, norandrostenediol, 5 alpha androstenediol, and 1-4-androstadienedione. These are not as powerful as 1-AD but they can be made to be more effective by combing them with supplements. It is good to learn how to create top prohormone stacks.

With 1-AD, you will experience rapid strength and muscle gains. Pro hormones support muscle growth. They do not directly build muscles. Instead, they boost natural hormones making them to create muscles.

Facilitating On-Cycle & Off-Cycle Safety
To stay safe while on cycle, use an estrogen suppressant, liver protectant, and natural testosterone booster. Milk thistle supplement will help in protecting your liver. Flax seed oil supplement is a good and cheap natural estrogen blocker.

Pro hormones introduce synthetic testosterone in your body. Therefore, natural testosterone production will cease. A problem can occur when you stop the cycle; your t-level will be low while estrogen will be high and this can lead to side effects such as breast tissue development and accumulation of fat. To avoid these side effects, make sure that you follow a thorough and proper post cycle therapy after your cycle.

The Bottom-Line
Your body is constantly under attack from chemicals that enter it through the food you eat and the water your drink. Some of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors. Therefore, they reduce the ability of your body to make testosterone and this will lead to reduced testicle activity. You can use prohormones from prohormones co to boost your testosterone level. This will increase your sexual vitality and gym performance making your to build muscles effectively and to perform well in bed.

Prohormones are extremely valuable to the modern man. You should read prohormone reviews to identify the best products in the market.

In men, testosterone peaks in late 20s and begins declining from age 30 onward. Therefore, even without the environment and diet effects, a man will have low testosterone at some points in his life. Supplements, steroids, and prohormones will help a man to combat the problem of low testosterone.